What is FTP?
FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol." What this means to the graphic
artist, marketing director, or printing house is the ability to transfer small
or very large digital files across the Internet, without using email.

Do we need this? See if any of the below statements could be you.

>> I often send out prints, dupes, cd-roms, and zip disks.
>> I have trouble getting my materials back and it costs the company.
>> We have a deadline and don't have time to mail the disk.
>> The file was accidentally deleted or lost.
>> I tried attaching the file in an email but it won't let me send it.
>> I can't get the attachment because it says my mailbox is full.
>> It takes forever to send or receive large attached files by email.

If you have ever heard or said one of those statements, FTP-SERVICES is
perfect for you. Plus, if you are a client, the first year is completely free.

How does it work?
With FTP-SERVICES, the file resides on our dedicated servers and waits for
someone to download it. There is no voodoo computer language to learn;
you simply go to your secure access page on the Internet, click on the file
you want to download and it just works. If you are in Los Angeles and
your graphics artist is in New York, all you have to do is tell that person
the link to go to and they will download it . It is that simple.

How fast are downloads?
Download times are dependent on your connection. However, you can
download any size file regardless of the type of connection you have. Your
download will not "time-out" or disconnect, even when using a dial-up
connection via AOL. Our server uses a full T-1 line. That means the file
can be transferred at 1.5MB per second. A typical hi-speed cable or DSL
connection can download a 30MB file in less than 1 minute. If you are on
a T-1 network, expect that time to be about 20 seconds. That is faster than
a cd-rom spinning up and copying files to your drive!

To learn more about FTP-Services, contact us for a demonstration.