$400 per shot - Architectural, Industrial, and Travel Photography
· Film & Processing
· One transparency per shot unless captured digitally
· Hi-resolution digital scans per shot approx. 30MB
· ½ hour digital retouching per shot
· Print ready digital file on CD-ROM
· 8 X 10 glossy print
· Rights and Usage*

$250.00 per hour In Studio Product and Table-Top Photography
Includes: Same as above
$400 per Interior or Exterior Quicktime Virtual Reality Movies
· Film & Processing unless captured digitally
· ½ hour digital retouching per shot
· Completed Quick-time mov. digital file on CD-ROM
· Full Rights and Usage*

For still shots, Polaroid proofs will be shot on location to judge lighting
and composition. All persons to have a say in how the image looks, MUST
be at the photo shoot. Approval of the images must occur at the photo
shoot. Anyone not present at the photo shoot waives his/her right to dispute
outcome of the images. Re-shooting will be at an additional cost to be
determined by the photographer.

Travel - Out of Town
Actual cost for travel such as air faire and ground transportation shall be
the client's responsibility. $.50 per mile each way when privately owned
vehicle is used for out of town assignments.

Accommodations - Out of Town
If overnight stay(s) is required, client shall be responsible for all costs
associated with accommodations - arranged in advance. This includes
room, phone, and parking. Client's financially responsible continues during
periods of inclement weather that may hinder photo-shoot and cause delays
and layovers.

Per Diem - Out of Town
In addition to the established rates, an additional $50.00 per day will apply.

Payment Terms
50% of total assignment costs must be received before shoot.
50% or remaining amount is due no later than 30 days delivery date.

In addition to 50% assignment deposit, all foreseeable cost for any out of
town travel and accommodations will be paid in full or arrangements to be
pre-made by client.

Late Payments
Invoices not paid within 30 calendar days of submitted invoice are subject
to a 10% penalty, additionally, 10% of the balance will be assessed for
each 30 days delinquent thereafter.

*With the exception that client may not resell the photographs and client will not allow the photographs to be used by another individual, group or company, client can assume all rights and privileges associated with a full release. These rights are only transferable by the photographer in the event ownership or control of said property changes. All photographs remain the property of the photographer. Photo credit: "Photos by" must accompany all shots used in print. Rates effective January 2001and are subject to change.