100% Digital Photography

I have been using professional Nikon digital cameras for over four years. I made the switch in a flash when I saw that digital technology surpassed conventional 35mm film.

Most wedding photographers now use digital cameras. However, it is important to know if they are using Professional cameras. There is a huge difference in a $1,000 prosumer camera and a $5,000 professional camera. Trust nothing but the best to capture your wedding day.

I maintain a very rigorous protocol when handling your digital images. There is never any possibility of a catastrophe that could cause damage or loss to your wedding day photos. As an added precaution, the digital cards holding your photos are always kept on me personally because there have been thefts of photographers' equipment at weddings and receptions. When shooting with a conventional film camera, the operator may have no idea that the camera is malfunctioning. Additionally, the photo labs frequently mishandle film which results in lost photos. This type of loss is impossible with digital.

Digital allows me to shoot without counting or worry about cost. I typically shoot well over 1,000 frames during any given wedding. It also allows me to see my results immediately and adjust for the best exposure and composition.

A good digital photographer is the master of his/her own results. A film shooter is at the mercy of the photo lab technician and if they want any special effects, there will be additional scanning processes and of course cost. Although many of my prints are black and white, they are originally shot in full color. Converting to black and white, sepia, or doing selective tinting is far better done with digital. Touch-ups also are very simply done when the images are captured digitally.

Ordering reprints is very simple with digital. Every print has a unique number on the back that corresponds to its file name. You will have an original copy of all your photos on disk. Should anything happen to your disk, not to worry. I maintain two separate achieves of your photos...forever.

Secondary and back-up equipment is a must. On the wedding day, I am rarely seen without two cameras on me at all times. This allows me quickly utilize cameras with different lenses without having to pause to switch lenses. Also, in the rare event of a failure or depleted battery, I can quickly and uneventfully continue shooting with the other camera. I have at least three cameras and multiple lenses and flashes at the wedding.